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  • Hiking Mowdok Taung

    The Mowdok Taung peak is believed to be the highest peak in Bangladesh. It is known to the Tripura Tribes of Bangladesh as Ska Hafong, which translates to "The Peak of the East". It stands ...

  • Organic Farming Trends in Bangladesh

    Accounts of habitat destruction and misuse of natural resources are all too common in Bangladesh, and indeed in other parts of the world, so it is especially interesting to discover that ...

  • Adventure Travel in Bangladesh!

    You can climb high mountains, negotiate frothing rivers, and wander through pristine flora, but it cannot be as enthralling as experiencing a new culture. Living in Spartan surroundings can be ...

  • Historical Capital of Gaud

    The historical site of Gaud (also Gaur), some 100km from Rajshahi, is renowned for its many ancient mosques. These Islamic architectural wonders were constructed largely during the Muslim ...

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  • Travel

    Travelers Guide

    Are you planning on traveling to Bangladesh? We provide you with a useful Bangladesh Traveler's Guide, with basic information such as time zones, safety, visas and so on. We are sure that this travel guide to Bangladesh will contribute to a pleasant stay in this fascinating country.

  • Activities


    Trekking in Bangladesh is an exciting adventure that gives visitors the opportunity to appreciate the amazing beauty of Bangladesh's natural areas. Both locals and visitors to Bangladesh enjoying the many hiking trails on offer - through the hills, beneath shady forest canopies, beside rivers and across the mangroves, there are numerous opportunities for hiking in Bangladesh.

  • Culture

    Radio Stations

    Radio is an important form of media in Bangladesh as it is easily accessible - especially to those in smaller communities. Many radio stations from Bangladesh are broadcast online. Why not visit one of these sights to listen to some local music or hear up-to-date news?

  • Business


    Communication systems are a integral part of any country's infrastructure. When traveling to another country tourists need to know how they can communicate with family and friends back home. Whilst Bangladesh's communication systems are somewhat underdeveloped, they are being improved. Internet access in Bangladesh is available in the larger cities. While there are a variety of methods of ...

  • Regions

    Barisal Division

    Located in south-central Bangladesh, Barisal Division is one of the six divisions of the country, the other five being Chittagong Division, Dhaka Division, Khulna Division, Sylhet Division and Rajshahi Division. Barisal Division is divided into six districts (zillas), namely Barisal, Barguna, Bhola, Jhalokati, Pirojpur and Patuakhali, each with their own unique places of interest for ...

  • Community


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  • Places of Interest

    Shaheed Minar

    Located near the Dhaka Medical College in Dhaka, Bangladesh, the national monument known as Shaheed Minar, was established in memory of those who were killed during the 1952 Bengali Language Movement demonstrations. Set upon a fourteen foot high stage, the Shaheed Minar National Monument is constructed from columns of pure marble stone, with stairs and railings painted white and the fences ...

  • Regions

    Khulna Division

    Bangladesh is divided into six divisions, of which the Khulna Division is located in the south west and covers a region of approximately twenty two thousand square kilometers. It forms a part of the Greater Bengal Delta, and is a region of the country that flows with rivers including the Kopotokkho River and the Madhumati River. The Khulna Division is also divided into ten districts, namely ...


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