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  • Bangladesh Authors: Must Books for Every Library Collection

    We tend to gauge periods of history by the quality and nature of books written in that age. Fact and fiction are able to record the values of communities with equal power. The style, in which ...

  • Bangladesh: A Visit to the Shat Gambuj Mosque

    To the uninitiated, Bangladesh can seem like a logistical nightmare: subdivided into 6 divisions and all named after their respective capitals: the Dhaka Division, Chittagong Division, Khulna ...

  • The Bangladesh Pop Idol

    As in so many other countries around the world, Bangladesh as been caught in the grip of Pop Idol mania. It is the first time that Bangladesh has screened their version of American ...

  • Dharmarajika Buddhist Monastery

    The city of Dhaka is the capital of Bangladesh, filled with history, tradition and culture. It has endless numbers of activities, attractions, accommodation and business opportunities, and ...

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What to See

  • Museums in Bangladesh

    Tribal Cultural Museum

    Located in Rangamati, the Tribal Cultural Museum in the Hill Tracts of Bangladesh offers fascinating insight into the history and cultural traditions, as well as socio-economic aspects of the different tribes in the area. Visitors can view displays of tribal dress, ornaments, musical instruments, coins and handicrafts at the museum. Paintings depicting the many facets of tribal life are also ...

  • Culture


    Jamdani - Eternal beauty The word Jamdani means a vase of flowers (Jam -flower, dani - that which holds). It is an apt description for this exquisitely woven fabric from Bangladesh. Its weavers are considered to be among the best in South Asia even today. The fine weave and delicate embroidery like patterns have been sought after all over the world for centuries. The texture and quality ...

  • Places of Interest

    Tajhat Palace

    Few of the attractions in Bangladesh are as stately, large and beautiful as the Tajhat Palace. This historical palace was built near the beginning of the 20th century. It is situated roughly three kilometers south east of Rangpur’s city center and currently serves as a museum for the public.

  • Business


    Whenever you travel to other countries, whether for business or for pleasure, you will inevitably need to find out what sort of currency is being used in that country. Not only will you need to determine where the various exchange points are and what sort of 'travel currency' - such as travelers checks and credit cards - are available, but you will also need to get an idea of how much ...

  • Activities


    There are two sports in Bangladesh that are celebrated by young and old, rich and poor – cricket and football (soccer). It is not unusual to see groups of children playing these sports with rustic, home made equipment as you make your way through the towns. Many aspire to join one of the great Bangladeshi sporting clubs when they are older. While Bangladesh has not made any waves in the ...

  • Travel


    Bangladesh is located in South Asia and can be located on a map using the geographic coordinates of 24°N, 90°E. The country is very marshy as it is situated in a low-lying coastal area and experiences a lot of annual rainfall. Unfortunately, the country suffers from floods, cyclones, tornadoes and tidal bores on an annual basis. However the country also enjoys very fertile soil and an ...

  • Community


    If you’ve enjoyed participating in the forums thus far, why not think about becoming a forum moderator for this website? It’s easy, fun and a great way to get involved. You don’t need any special qualifications, though it would help if you have a passion for the country, a good grasp of the English language and a sense of justice. Almost anyone can join our team of already ...

  • Art Galleries

    Bangladesh College of Arts and Crafts

    The Bangladesh College of Arts and Crafts is located in Dhaka, the capital city of Bangladesh. Completed in 1955, the building was designed by architect Muzharul Islam, who is renowned for his significant role in introducing Bengali modernism in architecture, distinctly different from colonial and traditional forms of architecture, and yet retaining a rich sense of Bengali heritage for a ...


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