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  • History of Hardinge Bridge

    Located in the western region of Bangladesh is a structure that was once used as a railway to enable more convenient communication between Assam, what was Eastern Bengal and Calcutta. The ...

  • Scuba diving in Bangladesh

    Not many people view Bangladesh as being a great location to go scuba diving. However more and more people are discovering the natural wonders that St Martin's Island has to offer. This ...

  • Bangladesh Prepares to Shine for Cricket World Cup

    As Bangladesh gets ready to co-host the 2011 Cricket World Cup starting February 19; authorities in Dhaka have been hard at work freshening up the bustling city to welcome cricketers and ...

  • Shaharpara – Birthplace of the Kamali Tribe

    Steeped in history and a tribute to its heritage, the village of Shaharpara is located around twenty-five miles west of Sylhet City on the banks of the River Ratna in the Sylhet Division of ...

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What to See

  • Attractions

    Places of Interest

    Numerous attractions and sights in Bangladesh can be visited in cities, villages and wilderness areas. From natural wonders to sites of historical and cultural interest, Bangladesh's attractions draw vast numbers of tourists annually. On this page we take a look at cultural and historical sights and attractions in Bangladesh.

  • Culture

    Famous People

    There are a number of famous people from Bangladesh who have managed to excel in their particular field. Not many of them are known beyond Bangladesh, but there are those unique few who have even achieved worldwide success. One such person is the model and designer Bibi Russel.

  • National Parks

    Teknaf Game Reserve

    Located on the banks of the Naf River in the Teknaf Upazila of Teknaf Game Reserve is one of five protected areas in Bangladesh where the Forest Department has put into place a co-management approach to eco-tourism under the banner of “Nishorgo – Bangladesh’s Protected Area Management Program”.

  • Museums in Bangladesh

    Tribal Cultural Museum

    Located in Rangamati, the Tribal Cultural Museum in the Hill Tracts of Bangladesh offers fascinating insight into the history and cultural traditions, as well as socio-economic aspects of the different tribes in the area. Visitors can view displays of tribal dress, ornaments, musical instruments, coins and handicrafts at the museum. Paintings depicting the many facets of tribal life are also ...

  • Places of Interest


    The archaeological site of Wari-Bateshwar in the north-eastern part of Bangladesh, has uncovered the remains of a city that is believed to date back to 450 BC. The ancient city was discovered near the Wari and Bateshwar villages, around 75 kilometers from Dhaka in the Narshingdi district of Bangladesh, and is considered to be of great archaeological significance.

  • Travel


    Bangladesh is located in South Asia and can be located on a map using the geographic coordinates of 24°N, 90°E. The country is very marshy as it is situated in a low-lying coastal area and experiences a lot of annual rainfall. Unfortunately, the country suffers from floods, cyclones, tornadoes and tidal bores on an annual basis. However the country also enjoys very fertile soil and an ...

  • Art Galleries

    Chitrak Gallery

    Located in the residential area of Dhanmondi in the city of Dhaka, the Gallery Chitrak not only displays works by renowned artists, but is also actively involved in a number of charitable works to assist children in need. While focusing primarily on promoting the work of local artists, Gallery Chitrak also highlights works by international artists.

  • Business


    Whenever you travel to other countries, whether for business or for pleasure, you will inevitably need to find out what sort of currency is being used in that country. Not only will you need to determine where the various exchange points are and what sort of 'travel currency' - such as travelers checks and credit cards - are available, but you will also need to get an idea of how much ...


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