Destinations, cities and towns in Bangladesh

Bangladesh is a diverse country, ranging from the low lands of the Ganges Delta to the heights of the Chittagong Hill Tracts. The country boasts a number of delightful destinations including cities, national parks, beaches, and rural villages. Each destination has its own appeal and thus it’s a good idea to find out more about them in order to decide where your journey in Bangladesh will lead you.

The country of Bangladesh has been divided into six administrative divisions. Located within the Dhaka Division is the capital city of Bangladesh, Dhaka. This fascinating city is filled with history and culture. A colorful, bustling city, Dhaka is home to such attractions as Baitul Mukarram, Dhakeshwari Temple, The University of Dhaka, Ramna Park and more. Known as the ‘city of mosques and muslin’, you won’t want to miss out on the vibrant city of Dhaka.

The Chittagong Division covers much of southern Bangladesh. Chittagong is the main city in this division and is known as the country’s main seaport. There are many natural attractions in the area that are worth exploring, including the renowned Foy’s Lake. Also worth a visit are the World War II Cemetary, the Ethnological Museum, Patenga Beach, Shrine of Bayazid Bostami, and the Court Building.

The Sylhet Division, with the main city of Sylhet, is probably best known for its production of exceptional tea. Many religious sites are found here and thus it is considered holy by both Hindus and Muslims. Be sure to stop off at the following attractions in Sylhet: Shrine of Hazrat Shah Jalal, Gour Gobinda Fort, Osmani Museum, Tilagorh Eco Park, Monipuri Para and Shahi Eidgah.

Located in the north west of Bangladesh is the Rajshahi Division. Landmarks to look out for in this area include the Varendra Research Museum, Shona Mosque, Dighapatia Palace, Mohasthangar and Sompur Bihar.

The Khulna Division is located in the south west, lying in the Ganges Delta. Its main city is Khulna, where you will find the Khan Jahan Ali Bridge and Mongla Port. Khulna is well known as a producer of shrimp, so visit a seafood restaurant when in the city.

Also lying in the Ganges Delta is the Barisal Division, with its main city of Barisal. There are many fine activities and attractions to occupy visitors. Be sure to check out Durga Sagar, Bell’s Park, and Kuakata beach.

Indeed, the destinations in Bangladesh have much to offer and you will certainly return home with many fond memories.