Home to the Sandarban Mangrove Forest, Khulna Division, Destinations, Bangladesh

Bangladesh is divided into six divisions, of which the Khulna Division is located in the south west and covers a region of approximately twenty two thousand square kilometers. It forms a part of the Greater Bengal Delta, and is a region of the country that flows with rivers including the Kopotokkho River and the Madhumati River. The Khulna Division is also divided into ten districts, namely the Khulna District, Satkhira District, Jessore District, Chuadanga District, Narail District, Bagerhat District, Magura District, Jhenaidah District, Kushtia District and the Meherpur District. This means, that the Khulna Division is home to wonderful destinations such as Bagerhat, Narail and Jessore.

The majority of the division contributes to the economy through industries such as jute fiber processing, hardboard mills and other heavy industries. For nature lovers, the district is absolutely wonderful as it has worlds’ largest mangrove forest and other natural wonders to explore. The Sundarban mangrove is one of the most popular attractions in Bangladesh, as visitors are able to enjoy the beauty of the area and the rich animal and bird life found here. Through out the various destinations in the country, visitors to this division will find a great variety of attractions in each city, such as the Sona Mosque, Khan Jahan Ali’s Tank and Ghora Dighi in Bagerhat, with Sagardari and Dosh Mahabidya Temple being noteworthy sites in Jessore. Touring through the Khulna Division is a rewarding experience with many wonderful destinations to discover, and the historical and natural sites they treasure.

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