Division of Archeological wonder and largest Tea Gardens in the World, Attractions, Bangladesh

One of the most picturesque and archeological rich regions in Bangladesh, is the Sylhet Division. Its economic industries have become a part of the attractions to the region, as landscapes are filled with fragrant orange and pineapple gardens and breathtaking tea plantations. Many Sylhet community members have found work and residence abroad, but have been using their money to fund projects and industries within the Sylhet Division, allowing the export industry and foreign investment sectors to grow. For tourist however, the business opportunities of the region take a back seat, as they lose themselves in the beauty and culture of the division and its unique residents.

As mentioned, the Sylhet Division is blanketed in tea plantations, but it is also home to the worlds’ largest tea gardens, of which the Teliapara Tea Garden in Habiganj is the most famous. The city of Habiganj also happens to be a major city in the division and the archeological capital of the region. Here, visitors can explore sights such as the Mosque of Uchail, Bagala Matar Mandir, Putijuri Jami Mosque, Bithangal Akhra, Kuri-tila, Murarbandar Dargah Sharif and much more. The capital city of the division, Sylhet, adds to the long list of attractions in the division, offering noteworthy sites including the Shrine of Hazrat Shah Jalal, Kean Bridge, Osmani Museum, Lakdi Toda Tea Garden, Gour Govinda Fort, Tilagorgh Eco Park and Parjatan Corporation Resort. With so many attractions and activities in only two of the destinations in the region, visitors have only explored the tip of the iceberg, as each breathtaking village, city and town, gives tourists the opportunity to discover their own unique history and monuments to the past.

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