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Bangladesh's very first art exhibition took place on 16 January 1951 and was hosted by the Dhaka Art Group. From that time onward art galleries in Bangladesh began springing up. Today there are numerous art galleries throughout Bangladesh. Bangladesh's art galleries feature both local and international art and attract art enthusiasts from all over.

The exhibition of January 1951 gave 19 painters the opportunity to display some 247 art works. A permanent art gallery was built in Bangladesh in 1963 by the East Pakistan Arts Council and today it is known as the Bangladesh Shilpakala Academy Art Gallery. Also during the 1960s, the Art Ensemble and Desh Gallery were established in Dhaka. The 1970s introduced three well-known art galleries to Bangladesh which gave any new and experienced artists a place to sell their art. Extensive growth took place in Dhaka during the 1980s. A photographic art gallery was founded by the Bangladesh Photographic Society in the city of Dhaka. A number of government run art galleries were also created. Since then art galleries in Bangladesh have gone from strength to strength. In 2000 Bangladesh held Asia’s first Festival of Photography. Biennial Asian Fine Arts shows also take place in Dhaka’s main art galleries.

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