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Serving as the third biggest industrial city of Bangladesh, Khulna is a divisional headquarter that overseas the traffic of the Mongla and Sundarbans seaports. It is also famous for its shrimp processing and newsprint production as well as being home to the only Telephone cable in the country. Khulna has the distinction of being home to some of the biggest jute mills in the country. It has a population of nearly two million people and is situated on the Rupsa River, which means it is in a good geographical position to serve in the administrative capacity that it does. Khulna is also a metropolitan city and this means it has a university, a medical college, a BIT, a Cantonment and a naval base. The city is also home to Bangladesh’s largest ship building industry.

Khulna’s biggest attraction is not its size or even its industry. Rather it is that which lies beyond the city limits. Mongla and Sundarbans are home to some of the most magnificent natural forests in the country. Mongla panders more to the needs of the weary, with an abundance of rest houses and hotels. While it is surrounded by the calm and tranquility of the forests that surround it, it is really the Sundarbans which holds the most appeal.

Sundarban is a district of the greater Khulna region. Much of the forest here is completely untouched by human hands yet it seems to be laid out in neat rows. As you journey through the forests, you will discover that the tree canopy is thick and undisturbed while the soft forest litter cushions your footfall. The girth of some tree trunks is immense while their height towers above you. What’s more, this is a mangrove forest, which means that there are many different varieties of tree and vegetation to be found if you have the time to search deep enough. This is one of the few places on the continent where you may chance a glimpse of a tiger swimming through the water or a crocodile basking on the river banks. Monkeys will taunt you in their noisy, boisterous fashion and herds of deer might be caught unawares if you tread quietly enough. Here and there you will spot some of the truly magnificent specimens of plants that abound in the forest. Sundarban is definitely Khulna’s greatest attraction. But the area’s appeal doesn’t end here.

The Sundarbans is a cluster of islands that form the largest block of littoral forests when grouped together. Here you will find streams, rivers and estuaries that only add to the charm of the place. The Sundarbans islands are also home to a host of fascinating wild animals that will catch you unawares and keep you gasping in delight. You’ll never have a dull time while touring these wild-life areas.

Clearly, Khulna is more than a place of business. It is a home to many people and animals and a haven for those seeking inspiration and relief from the stress of living. Book your ticket today and make sure that you spend plenty of time amongst the magnificent natural wonders of Khulna.

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