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Rangpur is both a city and a district in the Rajshahi division. The district is quite large and has three municipalities, eight upazilias, 33 wards and 84 union parishads. There are approximately 1519 villages in the district.

The town of Rangpur is situated on the banks of the river Ghagat and is home to one of the three district municipalities. Rangpur city is perhaps best known for its role in the tobacco industry as it serves as the administrative center for all the tobacco-growing in the district and is responsible for the manufacture of cigarettes and cigars. Rangpur city is also renowned for its cotton carpets, which are of an outstanding quality. The city has eight colleges that are affiliated with Rajshahi University, but only just more than half the population is literate.

There are quite a lot of historical attractions to see in the Rangpur district that make it well worth visiting. The Keramatia Mosque is a good place to start. However the three domed Jami Mosque from the Mughal period, the four domed Taraganj Mosque and the spectacular nine domed Radhanagar Mosque, which is also from the Mughal period, are much more impressive. On a more morbid note, there are a number of tombs that are popular with visitors; these include the tombs of Islamic thinker Maulana Keramat Ali Jainpuri, Shah Jalal Bokheri, Ismail Ghazi and Kutub Shah. If you visit these places with a knowledgeable guide you will have the opportunity to find out how these various individuals made an impact on the lives of those around them. For more conventional attractions you can visit the Rangpur Museum in the Tajhat Palace, the Rangpur Town Hall and the Rangpur Public Library. The palace remnants of Raja Nilambar, Hari Mandir and Mitha Pukur are also quite amazing to see.

There are many other historical and archaeological treasures to be found in here as well as a lot more to learn about Rangpur. Merely listing all the attractions here will not do any of them any justice as you simply have to see them for yourself. Book your ticket for Rangpur, in the Rajshahi Division of Bangladesh, today to enjoy the historical mysteries of this stunning region and its friendly people.

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