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With skyscrapers towering above the surrounding hills and houses, Dhaka is the both the capital and largest city of Bangladesh. Geographically speaking, it is located in the center of the country and is served by the port of Narayanganj. It is a city that is rich in history and culture and it is known internationally as 'the City of Mosques and Muslin'. No trip to Bangladesh is complete without first visiting Dhaka.

Dhaka is located in a monsoon climate zone, which means it receives plenty of rainfall every year between May and September during monsoon season. These natural conditions have made it perfect for growing rice and jute, which is why it is one of the worlds leading rice and jute growing regions.

The city has a strong Muslim influence that is reflected in the roughly mosques and historical buildings that give the city its character. Like many cities, Dhaka can be divided into an old and new city. The new portion of the city is characterized by residential and industrial communities while the old portion makes for better sight seeing.

No one really knows when Dhaka was founded. According to recorded history it was founded in 1608 AD, but some seem to think the city was around even before that. The city has always enjoyed some fame as a capital city in various capacities and it suffered some heavy damage during the Bangladesh War of Independence in 1971. Today the damage is almost invisible and instead of seeing chaos and rubble, you are more like to focus on beautiful old and new architecture and a major waterfront filled with a variety of different boats of all shapes and colors. The city is very busy and always has something to offer. You will also find that the people are incredibly friendly and welcoming. Dhaka is a great place to start your visit to this amazing country.

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