Attractions in Bangladesh, Travel, Activities

Tourist attractions in Bangladesh abound. Throughout the country there are many fascinating things to see and exciting things to do. Arriving in Dhaka, your adventure can begin straight away. Pay a visit to the Old City where you will also be astounded by the bustling river life of Buriganga and the bright pink palace of Ahsan Manzil.The top attraction in Bangladesh's Dhaka is Lalbagh Fort.

Whilst traveling through the city of Chittagong, visitors will come across the lovely structures of Qadam Mubarak Mosque and Shahi Jama-e-Masjid as well as the intriguing Ethnological Museum.

Bangladesh’s Mainimati Ruins, a renowned seat of Buddhist culture between the 7th and 12th centuries, should not be missed. Visitors should also include the Sompuri Vihara, dating back to the 8th century, on their itinerary. Nature lovers will definitely want to stop at Bangladesh’s natural attraction: Sundarbans National Park. This park boasts the world’s largest mangrove belt. There are just a few of the wonderful attractions in Bangladesh. You will discover many more when visiting this marvelous country.