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About was established in 1995 and was one of the first web sites devoted exclusively to Bangladesh. The site has been continuously owned by the same company since those early days.

Why Should I advertise on

Throughout our history, has been amongst the most popular online resources about the country. We attract hundreds of thousands of visitors each year to our site.

What Kind of Visitors Come to

Most of hundreds of thousands of annual visitors to are searching for travel, vacation, and tourism related information. Each day thousands of visitors begin planning their visit to Bangladesh by searching our site for ideas about where to stay and things to do.

Targeted Audiences

Advertising on gets your product or service seen by a focused marketplace of ready, willing and able consumers and reaches the right demographics and highly targeted audiences interested in travel, hospitality, accommodations, entertainment, local activities, and attractions in Bangladesh.

Analytics possesses historical, non-public data in the form of analytical metrics and case studies that may help us assist you with creating targeted and effective marketing campaigns in the quantity, frequency and duration desired.

Ad Reporting Services

As part of each advertising or sponsorship campaign, we offer access to free online real time data, demographic and key statistical reporting tools.

Advertising Options

Banner Advertising

Graphical banners are available at a CPM rate (cost per thousand impressions) or on a CPC (Cost Per Click) basis.

Sponsored Ad Units.

There are a limited number of selected pages where companies can be presented as Page or Section Sponsors at competitively priced, fixed rates based upon monthly or quarterly campaigns.


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