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Trekking in Bangladesh is an exciting adventure that gives visitors the opportunity to appreciate the amazing beauty of Bangladesh's natural areas. Both locals and visitors to Bangladesh enjoying the many hiking trails on offer - through the hills, beneath shady forest canopies, beside rivers and across the mangroves, there are numerous opportunities for hiking in Bangladesh.

A popular trek in Bangladesh is to Keokradong, one of the higher peaks in the country’s mountain range. For some people the enjoyment comes from the challenge of nearing the peak; for others it is meeting the tribal people and experiencing their culture. The Chittagong Hills offer number of trekking routes in Bangladesh.

Many tour operators offer treks with experienced guides. Guides will be able to provide you with an abundance of information on the surroundings. Treks may last one day to several days and cover short and long distances. If you are planning on trekking in Bangladesh, it is recommended that you see your medical practitioner before departing (See Health Advice). Ensure that you will be fit enough to handle the trek. People often train for a month or so before leaving. It is important to tell your guide if you have any medical problems. You should also carry a small medical kit with you when trekking.

A day pack or hiking bag with several pockets and good padding is ideal for trekking in Bangladesh. It is also important that you wear comfortable shoes. For longer hikes you should make use of trekking/hiking boots that are worn in and waterproof. Thick socks that draw moisture away from the skin are excellent for hiking. Other things to carry with you include a water bottle, multi-tool, rain coat, sun hat, toiletries, flashlight, sunglasses and plastic bags. You will definitely want to bring along a camera to record your adventure. Binoculars are a good idea – especially for those keen on identifying birds.

Contact tour operators and adventure travel companies to find out about what treks are available in Bangladesh. Trekking in Bangladesh is a memorable experience.

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