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Embassies and Consulates of Bangladesh, Travel, Visas

An embassy is a diplomatic mission or group of representatives from a nation state located within another nation state. The office of the diplomatic representatives or ambassadors is often located within the capital city of the receiving state. A consulate is a branch of the embassy that deals with the issuing of visas. The consulate is typically housed in the same building as the embassy. For example the British embassy in Bangladesh acts as a representative of Britain in the country and their consulate in Bangladesh can issue visas to people wishing to enter Britain. There are numerous embassies and consulates in Bangladesh, the majority of which are located in Dhaka.

Below is a list of Consulates and Embassies in Bangladesh along with physical addresses and e-mail addresses where available.

Australian High Commission – Dhaka
Embassy of the Kingdom of Belgium – House 22, Road 140, Gulshan-1 in Dhaka
British High Commission – United Nations Road, Baridhara in Dhaka.
Canadian High Commission – Dhaka
Embassy of Denmark – House NW(H) 1, Road 51, Gulshan Model Town.
Embassy of the Arab Republic of Egypt – House-NE(N) 9, Road 90, Gulshan Model Town.
European Union Delegation – House 7, Road 84, Gulshan 2.
Embassy of France – House 18, Road 108, Gulshan.
Embassy of Germany – Dhaka
High Commission of India – House 2, Road 142, Gulshan
Embassy of Italy – Plot 2/3, Road 74/79 Gulshan Model Town.
Embassy of Japan – Plot 5 & 7, Dutabash Road, Baridhara.
Embassy of Korea – House 6, Road 7, Baridhara OR House NW (E) 17, Road 55, Gulshan Model Town.
Embassy of Kuwait – Road SE(D) 5 , South Link Road, Gulshan
Malaysian High Commission – House 4, Road 118, Gulshan Model Town.
Embassy of Myanmar – House 89B, Road 4, Banani Model Town.
Nepalese Embassy – Dhaka.
Embassy of the Kimgdom of the Netherlands – House 49, Road 90, Gulshan.
Embassy of Norway – Dhaka
High Commission for Pakistan – House NE(C) 2, Road 71, Gulshan.
Embassy of Palestine – CES(C) 4, Road 118, Gulshan Model Town.
Embassy of Philippines – House NE(L) 5, Road 83, Gulshan Model Town.
Embassy of Poland – House 53, Gulshan Ave, Gulshan Model Town.
Embassy of Qatar – House 23, Road 108, Gulshan.
Embassy of Romania – House 33, Road 74, Gulshan Model Town.
Embassy of Russia – Dhaka
Embassy of Saudi Arabia – House 12 NE(N), Road 92 Gulshan North Avenue.
Embassy of Sweden – House 1, Road 51 Gulshan.
Embassy of Switzerland – House 31B, Road 18, Banani.
Embassy of Tanzania – Dhaka.
Embassy of Thailand – House NW(E) 12, Road 59, Gulshan.
Embassy of Turkey – House 7, Road 62, Gulshan.
Embassy of United Arab Emirates – House CEN(H) 41, Road 113, Gulshan.
U.S. Embassy – Dhaka.