Map of Bangladesh, Guide, Destinations

To make finding your way around Bangladesh a little easier, we are including a map showing the regions and largest cities throughout the country.

Our quick reference map of Bangladesh displays the country's major regions. Our editors have added many hundreds of pages of articles and blogs about local sites and attractions such as Art Galleries, Museums, National Parks and Tourist Sights and other places of interest in each region.

Most people have a somewhat disparaging image of Bangladesh in their minds – a country that has been devastated by cyclones and floods or one which has been ravaged by poverty and suffers from a lack of development. While it may be true that some of these factors have made news headlines in the past, the truth is that Bangladesh simply cannot be so easily stereotyped.

With large tracts of arable land, even more untamed jungle and bustling cities, Bangladesh is a destination with a difference. There are many destinations in Bangladesh worth seeing.

You may choose to visit some of the many archaeological sites – some of which date back well over 2000 years. Or, if you are a nature lover, you may want to visit the largest mangrove forest in the world. Bangladesh is filled with palaces, beaches, forests and cities. True, the country may have a few problems, but which country doesn’t? A visit to Bangladesh may surpass your every expectation and leave you with many wonderful memories. The only way you can truly know how much you will enjoy the country is to visit it for yourself.

One of the best places to start your travels is in Dhaka. A fairly large city characterized by skyscrapers and suburbia, Dhaka is Bangladesh’s largest city. Dhaka is also known as ‘the City of Mosques and Muslin, so you can be sure there is plenty of sightseeing to be done. Whether your interest lies in the old city or the new, you will likely enjoy touring this stunning city. Other cities definitely worth seeing are Chittagong and Khulna. Every wildlife lover should visit the Sundarbans just outside of the Khulna city limits. Not only is this wilderness area largely untouched by human hands, but the accommodation in the area is sublime and well priced.

So visit one of these lovely destinations in Bangladesh on your very next holiday and open your eyes and mind to a land of culture, heritage, religion and wildlife. You can be sure that it will be quite unlike anything you’ve ever tried before.