Communication and Internet in Bangladesh

Communication systems are a integral part of any country's infrastructure. When traveling to another country tourists need to know how they can communicate with family and friends back home. Whilst Bangladesh's communication systems are somewhat underdeveloped, they are being improved. Internet access in Bangladesh is available in the larger cities. While there are a variety of methods of communication in Bangladesh's cities, visitors may find it difficult to find similar forms of communication in rural areas.

Bangladesh’s landline telecommunications system is owned by the state. The Bangladesh Telephone and Telegraph Board is the organization that controls telecommunications in the country. Besides BTTB, which operates in all urban areas, there are two private operators. Bangladesh Rural Telecom Authority and Sheba Telecommunications provide telephone services to rural areas. Digital telephone systems are being introduced into Bangladesh. If you would like to phone someone in another country from Bangladesh you need to dial the following: dial 00; dial country code; dial city code; dial telephone number. The international code for Bangladesh is +880. Mobile telephone coverage is somewhat limited. For more information on cellular phone usage in Bangladesh, visit the Bangladesh SMS page on this site.

Internet Access
Several Internet cafés are scattered through the main cities of Bangladesh. Certain hotels may also offer Internet access to their guests. VSAT is used to connect to the Internet in Bangladesh. Some 54 Internet Service Providers operate in the country. Satellite Internet in Bangladesh enables individuals in areas where it is not possible to access the Internet via terrestrial means to connect to the Internet. The Internet is somewhat underutilized in Bangladesh due to high charges, underdeveloped telecommunications, a lack of support, poor awareness of this service and so on. However, extensive efforts are being made to increase the population’s access to the Internet as it is a great educational tool. Bangladesh’s Internet country code is “.bd.”

Mass Media
Mass media is an important method of transmitting information and current news to the population. For more information on mass media in Bangladesh, visit the following pages on this site: Bangladesh TV, Bangladesh Radio and Newspapers in Bangladesh

The Post Office in Bangladesh is a government department that provides the community with a variety of postal products and services. Post is one of the cheapest methods of communication and Bangladesh’s service is quite efficient. Services offered by the post office include the mailing of letters, handling parcels, track and trace, courier delivery, foreign money order, e-Post, financial services, post boxes and more. Airmail to Europe takes between three and four days.

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