Bangladesh Television, Local TV

One of the main types of broadcast media in Bangladesh is TV, namely: “Bangladesh Television”. Bangladesh Television is the only terrestrial channel in the country and serves as an effective means of communication to the population. Several satellite TV stations have also made headway in Bangladesh.

Bangladesh Television is a government owned TV station. Very few broadcasts contain information about the political opposition until the general elections become nearer and the government in power takes control.

Bangladesh Television has been running since 1964 with the aim of improving the national culture with information, education, motivation and entertainment.

Such programming allows viewers greater insight into world trends. It also recognizes and works to fulfill the country’s needs. About 2 million televisions receive transmissions from the network’s 17 relay stations. Most of the programs are locally produced mainly in Dhaka.

Channel I runs 24 hours a day and launched the first digital Bangla channel in 1999. Since then it has grown in popularity as one of the best educational and entertainment TV channels in Bangladesh. This live Bangladeshi TV channel is mainly aimed at Bangla speaking individuals and provides programming that the entire family can enjoy.

One of the newer Bangladesh TV channels to come onto the scene is Bangla Vision. The objective of the private channel is to build up the nation by means of wholesome entertainment. Bangla Vision is determined not to be politically biased and to offer objective news.

Below is a list of some of Bangladesh’s live TV channels as well as where they are located:

Bangladesh Television (BTV) – Dhaka
ATN Bangla – Dhaka
Ekushey Television Limited (ETV) – Dhaka
Channel I – Dhaka
Rupashi Bangla Television – New York (USA)
ATV Bangladesh – Dhaka

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