Museums of Bangladesh, museum

With its long and often tumultuous history, it is no surprise that many of the museums in Bangladesh highlight major events and conflicts that have shaped the country over the years. Archaeological discoveries are also plentiful and offer insight into the history, and even prehistory, of the country. There are also a number of specialized museums, such as the Ethnological Museum in Chittagong which focuses on the history and culture of twelve different tribes of Bangladesh, as well as tribes from Pakistan, India and even Australia. Also focusing on the unique features of various tribes is the Tribal Cultural Museum in the Hill Tracts region of Bangladesh. The Varendra Museum located at Rajshahi is dedicated to ancient history and culture, particularly relating to Hindu, Muslim and Buddhist heritage, while the Folk Art Museum in Sonargaon represents the traditional art heritage of Bangladesh.

Dhaka is home to more museums than any other city in Bangladesh, many of which focus on specific themes, such as the Police Museum, the Postal Museum, Museum of Science and Technology, Folk Heritage Museum and Children’s Museum. The National Museum in Dhaka is a must-see attraction as it gives a comprehensive overview of Bangladesh under its four departments – National History; History and Cultural Art; Ethnography and Decorative art; and Contemporary Art and Civilization.

Museums are a great way to gain insight into various aspects of the city or town you are visiting, and Bangladesh has a wealth of fascinating museums that visitors are sure to enjoy exploring. Many of the museums in Bangladesh are also centers for ongoing archeological, historical and scientific research, with new discoveries being put on display for visitors to view. So be sure to include some of the museums of Bangladesh to your touring itinerary.

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