Largest and National Museum in Bangladesh, Attractions, Bangladesh

Located in the suburb of Shahbag, in the city of Dhaka, is the biggest museum in Bangladesh. Its staggering collection of over eighty five thousand pieces are beautifully preserved in the twenty thousand square meter building, that is home to large exhibits. Originally established as the Dhaka Museum, in the year 1913, by Lord Carmichael, the museum developed into such a large establishment, that its wealth in artifacts was acknowledged in 1983, by changing its name to the Bangladesh National Museum. The museum welcomes thousands of visitors each year and is amongst the most popular attractions in the city.

The massive four storey building is not only home to large exhibition halls, but to a conservatory laboratory, library, three auditoriums, photographic gallery, temporary exhibition hall and an audio-visual division. Amidst the striking collection of paintings, visitors will find ancient relics and items that date back centuries and act as memorabilia to the civilizations that once roamed Bangladesh. Some of the artifacts include sculptures, tapestries, votive seals, terracotta pieces, water color drawings, porcelain items, metal work, weapons and medieval armory, wooden furniture, quilts, fossils and traditional crafts, to name but a few. The exhibitions in the Bangladesh National Museum retrace the history of the country and are an insightful and educational tour of ancient worlds. Seminars and workshops hosted by the museum, answer many questions in regard to lost worlds, and educate the public on the wonderful collections that are preserved with the museum walls. It is truly a remarkable attraction and a noteworthy sight.

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