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Situated in the south-eastern portion of the country near Myanmar (Burma), you will find Chittagong. Chittagong is the second largest city in Bangladesh and also serves as the country's major sea-port. Built on the banks of the Karnaphuli River in the Bay of Bengal, Chittagong is one of the country's cleanest cities. It has a reputation for mystique and beauty and when you visit, you'll quickly see why.

The City is set amongst rolling green hills, ancient architecture and interesting religious sites. The broad sandy beaches are popular with tourists and the grand buildings and mosques are a wonder to behold. From Cox’s Bazar to the Shrine of Shah Amanat, there is no shortage of interesting cultural sights to see. Beautiful places such as Pahartali Lake and Patenga beach will sooth your mind and set you at ease. These are just some of the things that Chittagong is well known for.

The people of the city of Chittagong are quite diverse. Many have originated from the Arabs, Afghans and Mughals who arrived on the country’s shores many years ago. There are also those that have descended from Portuguese settlers who arrived some time later. Most of the Portuguese descendents live in the enclave of Paterghatta. Part of the unique cultural experience of Chittagong is being able to see the various unusual places of residence of both poor and rich in this diverse city.

Besides a booming trade and fishing industry centered around the massive port, Chittagong is also home to a few of the most well known universities of Bangladesh, most notably the International Islamic University of Chittagong, the Chittagong University and the Chittagong College. However, there are many more excellent educational facilities in the city. Besides being a center of education and trade, Chittagong is also an influential center of Islamic ideology, theology, art and architecture. Thus you can be sure that Chittagong offers you everything you will need from a trip to Bangladesh.

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