Expatriates of Bangladesh

Not many people choose to become a Bangladesh expatriate though at one stage there was quite a sizable expatriate community living in the country. The vast majority of these expatriates where descendents of British colonists who had discovered the many advantages that the British enjoyed in the country and decided to stay. However, their enthusiasm soon waned and they returned to their homeland, leaving only those that where truly passionate about the people and the country behind.

The majority of expatriates in Bangladesh today are usually in the country to perform a much-needed service. Often they are skilled at a trade and will apply themselves in their particular field – such as medicine or education. There is also a fair-sized expat community in the form of nuns and other religious figure. Some expatriates have become English schoolteachers. Because of the widespread poverty in Bangladesh, few people choose to make this country their home but some are willing to look past such things at the beautiful people and their culture. There are those expatriates who exploit the country in various ways and there are those who choose to become as a native of the country – forgoing luxury to become closer to the people of Bangladesh. As a result, you will find mixed feelings with regards to expatriates in Bangladesh.

Becoming a Bangladesh expatriate is not easy. Things are done very differently here when compared with many western societies. There is a class system that must be learned and a culture which should not be ignored. Religion should be respected and research must definitely be done into the various services that will be available to you at your choice of residence. You may also need to learn Bangla and you will definitely need to ensure that your paperwork is up to date. However, do not let such obstacles deter you. Living in Bangladesh can be a very rewarding experience that is quite unlike any other.

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