Public Services in Bangladesh

For a country to develop and keep up with the times, it is necessary that it creates a working infrastructure. It is the country's public services sector that is concerned with this. Public services in Bangladesh are services provided by the government to the community. They include police departments, fire departments, water supply, electricity, education, waste disposal and many more. The Bangladesh Public Service Commission plays a vital role in recruitment, promotion, discipline, posting and transfer of government servants. This constitutional body ensures that decisions relating to the public services sector are made in line with equity and merit.

The Police Force in Bangladesh provides the people with internal security as well as acting to guard the nation’s assets from terrorists and criminal elements. Bangladesh’s police service falls under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Home Affairs. In recent times a police reform program has been put in action to improve their skills and effectiveness. Police in Bangladesh play a vital role in maintaining domestic peace, handling criminals, investigating crimes and so on.

Water is a vital commodity for life on the planet. In Bangladesh people know the importance of water and how to access it. Many villages and small towns make use of wells and rivers as a water source. The water services sector is still developing at quite a slow rate and battles due to inadequate budgets. Only recently has the government become fully aware of the necessity of waste disposal as an aspect of environmental management. Waste from houses and businesses are placed in collection bins. Waste disposal vehicles will then collect this waste and remove it to official open-dumping sites. Unfortunately waste collection is sometimes poorly planned and inefficient; therefore waste sometimes sits out for long periods of time. The provision of electricity in Bangladesh requires improvement as only about one in every five city inhabitants has access to electric power.

Although Bangladesh’s road network has been greatly expanded, many roads are in a poor condition. City streets are often congested and roadways quite narrow. Several bridges have also been built, providing easy access to various regions in the country. Bangladesh’s state railway covers some 2,700 km, providing both cargo and passenger services. As there are many waterways in Bangladesh, water transport is vital. The Bangladesh Inland Water Transport Authority is responsible for the maintenance of channels and ports as well as providing passenger services.

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