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Adventure travel in Bangladesh is very popular. With its diverse and expansive landscape, amazing wildlife and rich cultural heritage, there are many adventures just waiting to be enjoyed in this beautiful country. Whether it is hiking through the hills, gliding across river waters or spending time with a tribe, Bangladesh's adventure travel options are endless. Tour operators and adventure travel companies in Bangladesh provide a wide variety of itineraries and tour options to tourists.

Bangladesh’s adventure travel companies offer one day to one week or longer experiences. These tours will take you all over Bangladesh, many to remote, pristine locations. Adventure travel is for all age groups who are young at heart and want to experience Bangladesh in a unique way. Tours will often include a variety of activities such as horseback riding, swimming, boat cruises and cultural experiences.

One of the most popular Bangladeshi adventure travel tours is a trip to a tribal village, typically in the Chittagong hills. Spend a day or several nights in the village getting to know the community whilst learning about their customs and way of life. Join in with the daily activities such as weaving, agricultural work, caring for cattle and fishing. Life in the villages is very rustic, but tour operators ensure you have all you need. After enjoying some association and a good meal in the evening, you can drift to sleep in a traditional village home.

Horseback riding can be enjoyed at several locations in Bangladesh. Not only can you take in the amazing natural beauty of Bangladesh, but you can also spend time with these perceptive and intelligent creatures. Another great adventure in Bangladesh that involves animal life is helping sea turtle conservationists. This is an incomparable experience.

These are just a few of Bangladesh’s adventure travel options. Contact a tour operator in Bangladesh to find out what they offer and don’t forget to compare rates. We are certain you will have a wonderful time exploring this wonderful country.

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