About Bangladesh, Quick Overview and Facts

A country that is a diverse and intriguing mix of culture, tradition and unforgettable beauty is an apt description of Bangladesh. Decorating the landscape and diverting attention away from the concrete jungles and bustling cities, visitors will find a world of sparkling rivers, breathtaking mountains and spectacular adventures waiting around every corner. Located in South Asia, Bangladesh has been fighting poverty and establishing economic stability since its independence in 1971. Even though it is known to be one of the most highly populated countries in the world, it is also home to fertile plains, magnificent wildlife and an extraordinary history that captivates the imagination through the buildings and monuments that remind present and future generations of its unique heritage. Its topical, mild winters and humid summers make Bangladesh a destination that can be visited all year round.

Getting Here and Travel

Compared to most other countries, Bangladesh can be described as having a limited selection of airports. None-the-less, flying to Bangladesh and between cities is a popular means of travel in the country and airports can be found in destinations such as Barisal, Chittagong, Comilla, Cox’s Bazaar, Dhaka, Ishurdi, Jessore, Rajshahi, Saidpur, Shamshernagar and Sylhet. Traveling by bus or vehicle is a preferred method of travel by many locals, but as the majority of roads are not paved, road travel can become daunting for travelers who are unfamiliar with the country. With the railway consisting of 2 768 kilometers of tracks, a train ride is definitely recommended. However, many visitors opt for traveling by boat, as it is not only the most scenic way to explore the country but with the waterways covering over eight thousand kilometers, it definitely gives visitors more options.


In the bigger cities, large hotels can be found, such as the Best Western La Vinci Hotel and Dhaka Sheraton Hotel, which offer all the luxuries, facilities and grandeur that visitors would expect from top hotel groups. In the smaller towns and villages, many locals cater for the tourism industry with quaint bed and breakfasts, hostels, guest houses and rooms to rent. It is recommended that travelers book their accommodation before departure and research the various options available in each destination. Hostels are generally the cheapest form of accommodation, but this style of living is not for everyone.

Relaxation and Points of Interest

Visitors to Bangladesh will find discovering its cultural qualities and enjoying its many relaxation facilities extremely rewarding. Dhaka is home to a variety of art galleries and visiting galleries, such as the National Art Gallery, Bengal Gallery of Fine Arts and the Tivoli Art Gallery, unveils and expresses the country’s interest and talent to explore different forms and styles of art. Cultural centers assist visitors in learning more about Bangladesh, its people and its traditions, and tourists will find centers such as the Bangladesh Shishu Academy and Bangla Academy fascinating. For those who want to take advantage of the facilities that are available, such as health spas, theatres and sports, Bangladesh has something for everyone. A variety of activities are also on offer, including golf, boating, hiking, kite flying and water sports.

The Wild Side of Bangladesh

Nature enthusiasts will fall head over heels for the wildlife, national parks and botanical gardens in Bangladesh that work towards conserving and protecting their indigenous and endangered species. Visitors will be able to catch a glimpse of the magnificent animals, plants and birds that carve their existence here and national parks, such as the Sundarbans (the largest mangrove forest in the world), are home to animals such as the Bengal tiger, monkeys, crocodiles, deer and pythons. Each establishment showcases the beauty and splendor of the landscape and there are many national parks and sanctuaries scattered across the country. Some of these natural wonders include the Bhawal National Park, Waterfall of Madhabkunda, Sonadia Island, Pablakhali Wildlife Sanctuary, Moulayibazar National Botanical Garden and the Himchari National Park.


When it comes to attractions, Bangladesh is limitless. Walking through establishments, such as the Science Museum, National Museum, Folk Art Museum, Liberation War Museum and Zia Memorial Museum, allows visitors to travel through time, looking back at the history and moments in time that defined the future of the country. Over and above the museums, there are many memorials and places of interest to visit, such as the Old High Court Building, the Buddhist village of Ramu, the Natore Palace, National Memorial and the Lalbagh Fort that was constructed in 1678. Bangladesh is also known for its archeological sites, and Pahapur, the Mainimati Ruins and Mahasthanragh are breathtaking windows into ancient times, the civilizations of the time and their architectural genius that created functional villages and structures. Bangladesh is more than just a holiday destination – it is a place of wonder, discovery and cultural magnificence.

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