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If you’re planning to visit Bangladesh, you’ll need to decide which travel option you want to use. Travel to and from the country is important but so is deciding what kind of transport you are going to make use of whilst in the country. To this end we have sought to provide some basic Bangladesh travel information. Hopefully this information will help you decide how you plan to make your way around Bangladesh.

Most visitors to this dynamic country will arrive and leave by airplane. There are a number of national airlines that offer flights to Bangladesh but few of these offer internal flights. The best thing to do if you want to travel the country by air is to look at booking seats with one of the local air carriers. Generally speaking, the bigger the airline, the better the service – however there are some exceptions to the rule. Many visitors prefer flying to using public transport when traveling from city to city and find the prices relatively cheap. However, some prefer to save their money and add to their experience by taking a bus or train.

While buses are cheap, trains are generally considered to be a far safer option. Nevertheless, if you really want to get a taste of Bangladesh you might consider taking at least one short train ride during your stay. If you don’t have the nerves or stomach for it, you might try walking, hiring a rickshaw or hiring a chauffeur-driven car for those shorter trips. Most travelers find riding in a rickshaw somewhat startling at first, but soon settle into the rhythm. You may even find that your ‘driver’ is a good Bangladesh travel guide.

Besides flying, the main way of traveling between cities is usually by train, bus or boat. While boats are slow, they are scenic and generally quite calming. Busses are quickest, but quite dangerous. Train rides are perhaps the most comfortable form of travel, but Bangladesh railways tend to go around rivers instead of crossing them and this takes time. Ultimately, you need to choose which Bangladesh travel option is most appealing to you.

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