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If you have come this far, you are probably already planning your vacation to Bangladesh – at least in your mind if not on paper. You will already know that this beautiful country has many secrets just waiting to be discovered by the western world. You may also know that the weather controls the country and that the monsoon season brings more than just a lot of rain. So what is it then that has attracted you to the idea of a vacation in Bangladesh? Bangladesh holidays are incredibly varied and offer you the chance to mix shopping, historical attractions, great locations, sports and nature all into one intense and very competitively priced package. What more could you want from a holiday in Bangladesh?

Bangladesh’s feature attractions include archaeological sites, historical monuments, buildings and mosques, resorts, miles of beautiful, turquoise beaches, stunning forests and enchanting wildlife. After spending a morning roaming the Sundarbans in search of the world-famous Bengal Tiger, you might head to the coast or the nearest lake for a bit of water skiing, surfing, yachting, swimming, angling or rowing. Or, if you really enjoy nature, you might try hiking through Bangladesh’s many wilderness areas where you might spot a variety of mammals or birds. There are a number of short and long trails available and there are great picnic spots where you can stop over for a bite to eat.

Likely it will not take long for the fact that there are over 123 million people living in Bangladesh to sink in. As one of the most heavily populated countries in the world, many Bangladeshis struggle with poverty. However, instead of allowing this to become a deterrent, why not visit this stunning country and let your travel money help support the many families that call Bangladesh home. Who knows, you may make some great friends along the way – or you may simply return home with the satisfaction of knowing that your bargain holiday to Bangladesh was everything you wanted it to be and more. Book your vacation to Bangladesh today!

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