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Hundreds of litchie and mango orchards, and other agricultural products such as carrots, meat and potatoes, form a part of the picturesque countryside and economy of the Rajshahi Division. Located on the rivers of Jamuna and Padma, this division is known for its fertile land and wonderful destinations, making it a very popular region for tourists to explore. A four hour journey outside of Dhaka, the Rajshahi Division is a wonderful and diverse region of Bangladesh to explore, that offers excellent rail and road networks and airports in some of its major cities. Cities such as Saidpur, Rangpur, Bogra and Rajshahi, are all recommended destinations within this division.

But it is not only the beauty of the region that attracts visitors to Rajshahi, but its great variety of attractions such as the Varendra Research Museum and Kantaji Temple in Rajshahi, the Bagha Mosque in Bagha and other attractions spread across the division including the Sompur Bihar monastery, Shona Mosque, Pairabondh, Kushumba Mosque, Chalan Beel, Puthia Temple Complex and Mohasthangar. This division is also very well known for its magnificent archeological sites, affording visitors the opportunity to walk through history and discovery the ancient civilizations of the region and Bangladesh. Amongst the tiny villages and towns, visitors will find an array of ruins and structures that are monuments to the rule of Buddhist empires, Islam rule and Hindu influence. It is most definitely a region for adventurers and explorers as here in the quiet landscapes of the Rajshahi Division, history and wonder awaits!

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