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During the 1980’s, Bangladesh found itself in the middle of a very fierce political battle. This made life very difficult for artists, especially those specializing in photography. If their art was considered political, they were not allowed to display it. And it is for these reasons, which Drik Gallery was created, and has developed to be the biggest privately owned art gallery in the country. Here, in the creative walls of the gallery, artists enjoy the freedom of thought and expression and can find a place to display their work.

The Drik Gallery is a well known establishment in Bangladesh, as its stylish layout and beautiful exhibitions draw thousands of visitors each year. The gallery is not only focused on paintings and sculptures, but a very big portion is dedicated to photography which is divided into the following exhibits: Tales from a Globalizing World, Borders and Beyond, World Press Photo, Nature’s Fury, The War We Forgot, Seeing with a Different Eye, Positive Lives and Remaking Destiny. Solo exhibitions are also hosted at the gallery and include work from Raghu Rai, Shahidul Alam, Pedro Meyer and Martin Parr. The Drik Gallery is also home to the Drik Library, which is considered to be the heart of the establishment. The gallery offers workshops throughout the year, and more information in regard to these events is available from the gallery. The Drik Art Gallery is a wonderful monument to the development of art and its variety of forms, in Bangladesh and an attraction that should not be missed out on when visiting the city of Dhaka.

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