Bangladesh College of Arts and Crafts, art galleries, Dhaka, Bangladesh

The Bangladesh College of Arts and Crafts is located in Dhaka, the capital city of Bangladesh. Completed in 1955, the building was designed by architect Muzharul Islam, who is renowned for his significant role in introducing Bengali modernism in architecture, distinctly different from colonial and traditional forms of architecture, and yet retaining a rich sense of Bengali heritage for a country undergoing tremendous changes at that time.

When designing the Bangladesh College of Arts and Crafts, located on the grounds of the Dhaka University, the architect took great care to incorporate all of the decades-old trees that were already on the site. The result is a complex of buildings, which includes classrooms to accommodate up to 300 students, offices and galleries, set in beautifully landscaped gardens, with trees and a pond providing a sense of tranquility.

Used primarily as an educational facility, the Bangladesh College of Arts and Crafts also hosts exhibitions of artistic works by both local and international artists. Award winning artists who have had their works exhibited at the Bangladesh College of Arts and Crafts (also known as the Institute of Fine Arts) include sculptor and mural designer Alak Roy, artist Shahabuddin Ahmed, painter and printmaker Zainul Abedin, painter Kalidas Karmakar, Alakesh Ghosh, artist Abu Taher, artist and printmaker Rokeya Sultana and painter Rafiqun Nabi.

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