Centre for preservation and education, Art Galleries, Bangladesh

In the year 1974, the Bangladesh Shilpakala Academy was established to take over the duties of the Pakistan Arts Council, to become the National Academy of Fine and Performing Arts in Bangladesh. The academy made the decision in 2003, to become conservationists and protectors of art, by creating the National Art Gallery at Shilpakala Academy. A gallery was constructed on the grounds of the academy, and was a project that involved the assistance of academy staff, Bangladesh authorities and dedicated students. The National Art Gallery has become an establishment that the entire country can be proud of.

The art gallery is a two storey structure that consists of exhibition halls and workshops, and the workshops are used for educational purposes and lectures, as well as practical work where students can learn to preserve artwork, explore the environment that art work should be kept in, mounting and cleaning artwork and documentation of pieces. Over and above ensuring the future of the preservation of art through education, the gallery also has a great collection of art work for visitors to marvel at. The National Art Gallery is a true historical gem in Bangladesh as it works towards opening a doorway to art and culture for visitors to explore, while promoting art within the local community. Permanent and temporary exhibitions bring exposure to the gallery and give all those interested, the opportunity to enjoy the magnificence of art, in all its forms.

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