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There are a few golf courses in Bangladesh that will keep golfers occupied and ensure that they have a great time. Picture yourself playing a round of golf in Bangladesh, with beautiful trees surrounding you and birds calling across the green grass.

Kurmitola Golf Club in Dhaka is quite a challenging course. With tree lined fairways, the scenic beauty of this course is amazing. Various well-known golf competitions have been and continue to be held here, including the American Cup Trophy of 2005. Members of the Dhaka Oddball Golf Society are a common sight on this Bangladeshi golf course. They can be seen each week competing for what they refer to as the ‘Chief of the Pack’. About an hour drive away from Dhaka is the Savar Golf Club. The golf course in Chittagong is also scenically situated in the hills.

Monu Valley Golf Club often adds a bit of ‘excitement’ to your round of golf. Situated amidst rubber groves, banyan trees and quiet rice paddies, you may be fortunate enough to have a Bengal tiger cross the fairways whilst you look on. Soi Dao Highlands golf course is another unique course. Elephants, deer and wild boar are protected in the area whilst villagers can be seen fishing in bodies of water or searching for food around the course.

When traveling through this fascinating country, be sure to include a round of golf at one of Bangladesh’s golf courses on your itinerary.

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