Exclusive 72 par Golf Course, Golf Course, Bangladesh

To the west of the Dhaka-Aricha highway in Bangladesh, lays the sprawling greens of the Savar Golf Club. It is one of the exclusive golf clubs in Bangladesh and even though it is not the biggest, covering just over sixty eight acres of land, it is one of the busiest. With more than seven hundred members, the Savar Golf Club is a hive of activity. Considered to be a young club due to it only being established in 1997, the club offers exquisite facilities and a wonderful golfing experience for all.

Beginners are welcome at the Savar Golf Course, as it has a great beginner course and caddies that will assist new players and help them improve their game. More advanced players are able to head towards the main golf course that consists of eighteen holes and a 72 par course. Rows of beautiful trees and breathtaking water features and manmade lakes, provide golf enthusiasts with wonderful views, as well as a challenging course. Other facilities at the Savar Golf Course includes VIP rooms, health club, prayer room, lounge, billiard room, lockers and a hall room, as the club strives to accommodate every member and visitor to their establishment. The first tournament was held at the club in 1996, and since then numerous successful tournaments have been hosted at the Savar Golf Club, promoting golf in Bangladesh and developing the sport in its local community. Foreign visitors will be surprised at the superior level of service and facilities at the Savar Golf Club, and therefore comes highly recommended.

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