Bengal Gallery of Fine Arts, art galleries, Dhaka, Bangladesh

Located in a superbly renovated residential building, the Bengal Gallery of Fine Arts is an oasis of culture in the Dhanmondi suburb of Dhaka, Bangladesh. Even before entering the actual gallery, visitors are embraced by the tranquility of the garden with its picturesque bamboo and luxuriantly fragrant Kathal Chapa tree. The name "Bengal Gallery" is etched on a woodblock amidst a mural of birds, houses and human figures - providing just a hint of the artistic treasures to be discovered inside.

Entering the art gallery, visitors are greeted by artistic beauty at its best, as the ground floor rooms display canvases of varying sizes created by local and international artists. The natural lighting entering the rooms highlight the artworks in a very pleasing manner and the walls are wide enough to display large canvases to their best advantage.

The Bengal Gallery of Fine Arts was opened in the year 2000, and has become established as a premier art gallery in Bangladesh. The gallery has hosted exhibitions and showcased the works of more than 250 artists, both local and international, since its inception. In collaboration with official agencies of India, China, Turkey and the United Kingdom, the Bengal Gallery has held exhibitions of works by top artists of these countries. The gallery frequently hosts workshops where local and international artists are given the opportunity to share their enthusiasm for art. The Bengal Gallery has also organized exhibitions by Bangladeshi artists in other parts of the world, including New York in the United States and Brussels in Belgium, and in this way continues to introduce the immense talent of Bangladeshi artists to art-lovers beyond the borders of Bangladesh.

Certainly a visit to the Bengal Gallery of Fine Arts should be included on the itinerary of art-loving visitors exploring Dhaka, the vibrant capital city of Bangladesh.

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