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If you ever take the time to visit Bangladesh, you will find a wide variety of architecture to look at. From modern buildings with blunt lines and endless windows to archaic mounds of structured earth, the opportunities for architectural sightseeing are virtually endless. The architecture in Bangladesh is very interesting and definitely worth including in your list of things to see when you next visit Bangladesh.

The first architecture that you might see is the impressive skyscrapers and sprawling suburbia that you might fly over when heading to the airport at Dhaka. With a reputation as one of the world’s fastest growing cities, Dhaka is a modern city with an ancient heart. A trip to the older side of the city will probably wet your appetite but is nothing compared some of the treasures located in other parts of the country. At the other end of the scale, in rural areas you will find a number of earthen houses and shanties constructed from whatever was available. Nothing much to look at, these dwellings are a sober reminder to be grateful for the many comforts that most visitors take for granted.

If you want to enjoy the real architectural delights of Bangladesh, however, you might want to make Paharpur your first sight-seeing destination. One of the finest examples of Buddhist monastic architecture, the Buddhist Vihara, can be found here. Occupying some 900 feet, the monastery is the largest of its kind India. From Paharpur, you might make your way to Mainimati where you will find the well-excavated ancient city of Pundravardhana – a great place to use your imagination and take a trip back in time. Another great sight is the Satgambuz mosque of Bagerhat. More Middle Age in design, the construction enjoys a number of massive arches and simplistic linear arrangements. Other examples of this sort of architecture are the mausoleum of Shah Ali Bagdadi and Mirpur as well as the mosque of Rasti Khan, which can be found in Hathazari. More recent architectural masterpieces include the National Parliament building, the National Monument, the National Mosque and the National Museum.

The architecture of Bangladesh can provide fascinating insight into the history and lives of the Bangladeshi people. If the idea of seeing these sights inspires you, why not try an architectural tour in Bangladesh? Besides adding a whole list of other great architectural delights, such tours will also likely include trips to a number of fantastic stone and terracotta art statues and sculptures that only add to a most memorable experience.

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