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There are a number of famous people from Bangladesh who have managed to excel in their particular field. Not many of them are known beyond Bangladesh, but there are those unique few who have even achieved worldwide success. One such person is the model and designer Bibi Russel.

Bibi started her life of fame as a model for a number of leading fashion houses like Emporio, Giorgio Armani, Yves Saint Laurent, Karl Lagerfield and Kenzo. After a long and successful career as a model, Bibi Russel decided to head home to Bangladesh and pursue another career path. In 1994 she began work as a Bangladeshi designer, using indigenously woven fabrics in her haute-couture fashion masterpieces. Besides putting Bangladeshi fashion on the map, Bibi Russel has also contributed to the economy since she now employs some 35 000 weavers in her home country. Her company, Bibi Productions, also makes hand-made shoes, buttons and jewelry. Bibi’s company has even expanded its services to include a number of products for the home – all of them hand-made in Bangladesh and popular all over the world.

Besides Bibi Russel there are a number of other people who have achieved great success and fame. Kazi Nazrul Islam has been honored with the title of ‘National Poet of Bangladesh’. Taslima Nasreen, Akhtaruzzaman llias, Ahmed Safa and many others have gained credit for their literary skills. A number of individuals have also excelled as economists, great intellectuals, notable military figures and political leaders. It would be hard to list all these famous people from Bangladesh on this short page. However, if you speak to some Bangladeshi people you will soon find out who the favorites of the country are.

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