Newspapers in Bangladesh, Local News

Mass media is important in all countries as it provides the population with current information and news. Bangladesh's independent newspapers are very active in the country and willing to expose all truths. The country's constitution states that freedom of the press is a right. Unfortunately, however, journalists find themselves the victims of harassment by police officers as well as political activists. Despite the violent atmosphere for journalists, Bangladesh's newspapers are still very busy.

A wide variety of newspapers are produced in Bangladesh. Numerous Bangladeshi daily newspapers keep the population up-to-date. Newspapers are written Bengali, Bangla, Burmese and English. Most of the publishing houses for Bangladesh’s newspapers are in Dhaka. Newspapers are either available regionally or nationally. Regional newspapers provide area specific information to the community. Daily Bengali newspapers in Bangladesh are popular and cover a variety of topics. Independent Bangladeshi newspapers can also be read online and are a great way for outsiders to gain insight into what is going on in the country.

Below is a list of available newspapers in Bangladesh.

The Bangladesh Observer
Bangladesher Dak
The Bangladesh Today (English)
Blitz (English)
Daily Bhorer Kogoj

The Daily Deshbangla
The Daily Ajker Kogoj
The Daily Inqilab
The Daily ICT Bangladesh (Bengali and English)
Daily Amar Desh
The Daily Ittefaq
The Daily Prothom Alo (Bengla)
Daily Jugantor

Daily Naya Diganta (Bangla
The Daily Star (English)
The Daily Khabarpatra (Bangla)
Dhaka Courier
Dainik Purbanchal
The Daily Sangram
Danikh Naya Diganta
The Independent (English)
Dainik Arthoniteer Kagoj
The Financial Express (English)
New Age (English)
Jaijaidin Weekly
The News Today (English)
Noakhali Web (Greater Noakhali Based 1st Online Newspaper & Community Portal)

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