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Radio is an important form of media in Bangladesh as it is easily accessible - especially to those in smaller communities. Many radio stations from Bangladesh are broadcast online. Why not visit one of these sights to listen to some local music or hear up-to-date news?

Bangladesh’s national radio network is Bangladesh Betar or Radio. This government-run station has several regional services operating throughout the country. Bangladesh Radio also has an external service that transmits to Nepal, Pakistan, India, the Middle East and Europe in seven languages.

A plan has been proposed for Community Radio in Bangladesh as a way to reach those who reside in rural areas without telephones or electricity. Radio is also a powerful tool in reaching individuals who are illiterate. Such radio transmissions are used to provide information to such communities. Community Radio also promotes culture and diversity. Radio broadcasts such as these will be directed to the needs and interests of the local people.

The following is a list of radio stations that can heard in Bangladesh via shortwave transmission and on the Internet:

BBC – Bengali Service
VOA – Bengali Service
Radio Metrowave (1170 AM)
DW Radio – Bengali
Bangla Radio Broadcastings
Uradhura Radio
Eurobangla Audiocast
Radio Probash
Bangla Music Radio –

Below is the list of frequencies for Radio Bangladesh in the different cities, towns and areas:

558 Khulna
630 Dhaka
693 Dhaka
846 Rajshahi
873 Chittagong
963 Sylhet
999 Thakurgaon
1053 Rangpur
1080 Rajshahi
1161 Rangamati
1413 Comilla

100.0 Dhaka
101.5 Sylhet
102.0 Rajshahi
102.5 Chittagong
103.5 Rangpur
106.5 Khulna

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