Nightlife in Bangladesh, People, Culture

Most visitors to Bangladesh will soon discover that there is not what they might deem to be a very active nightlife. Bangladesh is a very Muslim country and the evening’s entertainment will usually come in the form of a visit from family members or something of that nature. However, if you feel that you simply can’t spend your evenings relaxing after a busy day, you might find some nightlife in Bangladesh at the major hotels that operate in the country.

A number of Bangladesh hotels are fully developed to cater for the needs of the average tourist. Besides basic accommodation, they include conference facilities, recreational activities, health services and evening entertainment. You may well be able to find a casino, a disco, a bar or pub and maybe even a movie theatre at one or more hotels. These cater mainly to tourists so you will not find too many locals frequenting these places. If you want to get out and about, you may be able to enjoy an evening meal at one of the fine restaurants. It is a good idea to go early, however, since most restaurants are not open till very late.

A trip to Bangladesh is more about the people and culture of the land than it is about vibrant cities or bustling Bangladesh nightlife. For a bit of local flavor you might ask your tour operator or tour guide for suggestions on nighttime entertainment. Otherwise, prepare to relax and unwind during your evenings – perhaps choosing to simply unwind in front of your satellite TV or reading a good book. You may be surprised at just how tired haggling at local markets or hiking through a jungle may leave you! A quiet night may be just what the doctor ordered.

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