Wildlife and Nature in Kaptai National Park

If you’re looking for a great getaway spot in Bangladesh, look no further than the Kaptai National Park. This great natural area combines nature with an interesting cultural legacy in such a way that you will never find anything quite like it anywhere else.

The Kaptai National Park is situated in the Rangamati Hill District, which falls between the Karnaphuly and Kaptai Mountain Ranges. The area is managed by the Chittagong Hill Tracts Southern Forestry Division and cover’s an area of some 5464 hectares. It is still a relatively new park, having only been established in 1999. Nevertheless it is an absolutely amazing natural area that has to be experienced to be truly appreciated. This is where rolling green hills greet the dramatic blue azure of the Kaptai Lake in a vibrant juxtaposition of color. Numerous natural springs each add their own special appeal to the park while wildlife amaze the public as they scuttle about on their daily activities. Some of the animals that inhabit the park include elephant, deer, jungle cat and monkey. The tropical rain forest that is found on the banks of the Karnaphuly River is another amazing feature of this lovely park.

Despite the fact that the Kaptai National Park was only established in 1999, it already has a great legacy of rebirth and ancient history. As early as 1873, massive plantations of forest trees were started by local forest management, which has resulted in much of the beautiful growth that is now seen today. The nearby Rajbon Bihar, Tribal Cultural Museum, Bain Textile, Soubolng and Hanging Bridge situated adjacent to the Tourism complex provide plenty of fascinating insight into the past and present community projects that have been attempted in the area. The Kaptai Hydro-Electric Project gives back to the community by providing a clean source of electricity for the people. Picnic spots for public enjoyment are everywhere, while the Kaptai Forest Rest House and the Kaptai Mukh Forest Rest House provide the perfect place to relax and unwind after a stressful week in the city.

Little wonder then that the Kaptai National Park is already incredibly popular with the locals. Some 50 000 people visit the park each year, paying an entrance fee of Tk10.00 per a person in support of this enjoyable wilderness. While most spend their time picnicking, others may go boating or speed boat cruising, water skiing or hiking. Great food can be found at a number of nearby restaurants for those looking for something a bit more substantial after a day spent in the great outdoors. The Kaptai National Park is relatively easy to reach: visitors can travel to Chittagong by way of rail, air or road and from there can make the short trip to the park via road. So make sure you include this great spot in your Bangladesh travel plans!

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