Travel to Bogra in Bangladesh, Destinations

Bogra is not your typical tourist spot, though it does still make for an interesting visit. Nowadays it is mostly seen as an up and coming industrial zone, but it hasn’t always been so. Bogra civilization can be traced back to 300 BC as it is depicted in the Mahasthan Garh. Because it is so old, Bogra has a few historically interesting sites that are worth visiting.

One such site is the mud fort monument that was constructed in 1595 AD by Raja Mana Singh. Singh was the Bengal Governor for the Mughal Emperor Akbar who sat his throne at Salim Nagar in the Bogra distict. Quite a few old buildings give the small district town of Bogra a wonderfully aged feel – despite the fact that industrial links are slowly changing the face of the place. There are many interesting attractions worth seeing.

Bogra has long had a hand in the sugar, textile and chemical industries. The recent discovery of large coal and lime deposits in the area has resulted in steps being taken to mine these precious minerals. Besides these natural resources, Bogra is also known for its rice, sweets and yogurt. If you plan to visit the city of Bogra, in the Rajshahi Division of Bangladesh, make sure that you taste these delectable treats while you take in the historical attractions or get advice from the friendly tourist information centre that has been established here.

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