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Located in the south western region of Bangladesh, Jessore is the first independent district of the country. Its administration was established in 1781 and it has four municipalities as well as approximately 1434 villages. The town of Jessore is situated on the Bhairab and has a population of over a million people. Jessore is involved in the textile and plastic industry and also manufactures ball-point pens, combs and buttons.

When it comes to crafts they are adept at weaving, working gold and steel, pottery, wood crafting and tailoring. The regions main exports are cotton, jackfruit, vegetables, date molasses and comb, bananas, leather and jute.

Most visitors to Jessore will enjoy the various archaeological relics that abound here. The Remnants of the Chanchara Rajbari, the Kali Mandir and the Dargaha of Ghazi Kalu are a good place to start. If you find this wets your appetite and you want to see more, Rajbari, Mandir and Dighi are also worth a look. More interesting are the remnants of King Mukut Roy’s palace, which dates back to the 12th century, and the Nawab Mir Jumla residence, which is slightly younger and dates to around the 17th century. The Imam Bari at Murli is another great attraction. On a more recent note, many people enjoy a visit to the birth place of Michael Madhususan Dutt. Dutt was a famous poet and the attraction is situated in Keshabpur Upazilla next to the Kapotaksha River.

There are also a number of religious buildings that can be visited though not all allow foreigners access to their inner sanctums. There are nearly 3,000 mosques, about 340 temples, almost 20 churches and about 8 tombs. There are also 4 sacred places. The most noted of these various places of religion is the Markas Mosque, the Marua Mandir and the tomb of Hazrat Garib Shah.

As you can see, there is more to Jessore than meets the eye. Once you have arrived you can learn more of the interesting mosques and relics that abound here. Why not visit Jessore, in the Khulna Division of Bangladesh, and discover her ancient mysteries for yourself? You may be surprised at what you find.

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