Travel to Ishurdi in Bangladesh, Destinations

Ishurdi is not a place that receives many tourists. Indeed, the majority of visitors to this Upazila are students of entomology who come here to receive instruction at the Sugarcane Research and Training Institute. Since Bangladesh draws most of its economic stability from agriculture, many efforts have been put forth to effectively manage the agricultural production in the country.

As a result, almost every major export product has a research and training institute dedicated to it in order to ensure that exports are of premium quality and that crops are stable. Besides regularly conducting tests on the fresh produce itself, these institutes often check on the soil content and the water levels and then assist farmers to better use their land to ensure good crops. One example of this would be the adding of irrigation to ensure that crops have enough water in the dry months. Ishurdi is no exception, being home to the Sugarcane Research Institute. The institute was established in 1973 and it has been helping farmers to reap large, healthy crops ever since. This puts Ishurdi on the map as a good Export Processing Zone.

If you visit Ishurdi, you will be able to choose between rail and air transport as the town is home to one of the eleven working airports in the country. The town also serves as a railway junction – mainly for exported goods – and as a weather station, which is invaluable to the large farming community in the area. You may not find much to do while in Ishurdi but we recommend that you sample some of the local Sugarcane – it tastes great!

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