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If miles upon miles of golden sand, beautiful surf and colorful pagodas are what you are looking for in your trip to Bangladesh, look no further than Cox's Bazar. Cox's Bazar has the world's longest beach – roughly 120 kilometers of sand sloping gently to the blue waters of the Bay of Bengal. When the beach stops, the entertainment starts.

Buddhist temples, delightful sea-food restaurants and a colorful market provide hours of interesting cultural exchange for enchanted visitors. And at the end of a day filled examining beautiful and rare conch shells and tasting prawn, you will be amazed by the spectacular sunsets over Cox’s Bazar beach.

Many would say that Cox’ Bazar is Bangladesh’s ultimate tourist destination. This is not only because of the immense natural beauty of the beach nor of the interesting and vibrant life supported by the town, but because there are so many other worthwhile attractions so close by that it is as if they are all part of the same amazing place. The Aggameda Khyang is near the entrance to the town and stands under the cool cover of a number of large trees. This sanctuary and monastery is supported on a number of timber columns and houses a prayer chamber, an assembly hall and a number of bronze Buddha images. Then there are the stunning waterfalls to be found at Himchari. If you find yourself craving more, there is the island of Maheskhali just of the coast of Cox’s Bazar. It has an amazing mangrove jungle and is home to the shrine of Adinath and a Buddhist Pagoda. A little further off the coast of Cox’s Bazar and you will find Sonadia Island. This island is popular for its variety of shells and is used by fishermen as a camping ground during the wintertime.

Ramu is a characteristically Buddhist village that is situated about 16 km from Cox’s Bazar. Its great wealth the form of a number of monasteries, khyangs and pagodas that have been established here. Many of them house images of Buddha that have been inlaid with precious stones. In the village itself, villages work their trade and you can enjoy handmade cigars and well-woven goods. Teknaf on the other hand is best known for its immeasurable natural beauty. So whether you want to spend time on the world’s longest beach or see some amazing temples and enjoy the culture of the place, don’t forget to make Cox’s Bazar your number one place to see!

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