Magpie Robin – National Bird of Bangladesh

Each country has a number of national emblems and Bangladesh is no different. The Jackfruit, or Kathal, is considered the national fruit as it is used in traditional cooking and the Water Lily is their national flower, as it can be found in water ways and ponds everywhere in the country. When it comes to the national bird of Bangladesh, a small but distinctive bird has made its way to the top, namely the Magpie Robin. And Bangladesh is proud to have this little bird as a national emblem, as can be seen in monuments and even on its currency.

The Magpie Robin, or the doel as it is often referred to, is a very shy bird that only grows to approximately nineteen centimeters from head to tail. It is mostly known for its melodious call, and also for being one of the numerous shy bird species. Magpie Robins in Bangladesh are therefore only found in the rural areas where it is quieter and they have the freedom to breed without being disturbed by human interference. They are distinctive in their coloring, as the males have black heads, backs, wings and tail with white under parts and a little white plumage on their wings. The females look similar to the males, with the difference being that the females are grayer, with grayish-white under parts. They are also distinct in the fact that they keep their tails up in the air, which moves while they sing. Magpie Robins are able to mimic a variety of bird species calls.

They construct their nests in brushes and shrubs, and quieter regions are more suitable for them. Magpie Robins are insect eaters and can either be seen flying low to the ground or jumping through the forest brush in search of food between the fallen leaves. When visiting the outlying areas of Bangladesh, be sure to keep an eye out for these petite, yet significant birds, as seeing one of the country’s national emblems will be a moment to remember.