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Hillside Apartments [05:31]
Hillside Apartments Limited feels proud to start the hillside apartments, a western quality apartment complex right next to the Osmani International Airport, Sylhet, a holy land of great Hazrat Shahjalal (R:) & Hazrat Shahparan (R:). Our prime idea is to make a decent complex, which will have a pollution free environment, lots of green and where we and our Kids can play safe. Our Unique location is surrounded by Hills, Forest, Parjatan Hotel, Cadet College and the renown Tea State of Malinichera, 5 minutes to the International Airport, 10 minutes traffic free driving to the heart of Amborkhana.
Tags: Hillside Apartments, Bangladesh

Beautiful Bangladesh! School of life... [10:07]
Bangladesh - a small country of superlatives... Bangladesh is a young and small, an "undiscovered" country with the highest population density worldwide, from tourism spared country full of contrasts, superlatives and variety, the probably most notable feature of Bangladesh... The immense rivers Padma, Meghna and Jamuna with her countless tributaries dominate the environment, form a huge traffic network and unite to the biggest delta worldwide, picturesque tea gardens in the highland, surrounded by impenetrable jungle, the most lonesome coasts and the longest beach of the world. In Dhaka, the fastest growing metropolis of Asia by rickshaw in the blustering traffic to the biggest river port of the world, Sadarghat. Important, millenniums old archaeological excavation sites, Buddhist cloisters and Hindu temple towns. A unique population in flora and fauna waits for you. If nature or culture, whether in the Sundarbans, on the traces of the Royal Bengal Tiger or in the hills of Chittagong to guest with ethnic minorities -- Bangladesh offers great in every kind, I think unique. Incredibly, like the people.
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How to drive a bus on the busiest highway of Bangladesh (N1) [02:08]
We were taking the bus back to Dhaka from Bandarban. I think it was on 10 Sep 2011. I was wondering if there were any changes to how people drive on highways in Bangladesh, after so much was going on about road safety. I got my answer. These drivers are simply crazy. There were enough traffic signs on the road, but I have a suspicion that these bus drivers think those are there for decorative purpose only. Well, if driving license to be given out as long as someone can differentiate the types of cattle on the road, understanding road rules is to ask too much of them anyway. If you are driving in Bangladesh, please keep your cool, drive safe, and keep praying that you don't meet one these on the road ;)
Tags: Bus, Bangladesh, Highway, crazy drivers, Chittagong, road safety

video-2011-09-09-17-25-31.mp4 [02:35]
On a motorcykel in the night traffic of Dhaka
Tags: sitetalk, unaico, dhaka, bangladesh, lasse olsson, mlm

Dangerous Road Traffic in Bangladesh [00:55]
Just a small example of how driving is so dangerous in Bangladesh. If I had my camera running through out the journey then I could have shown you many shocking moves by car I was on and those coming towards me. Larger vehicles like trucks and coaches are the biggest culprits in the road.
Tags: Dangerous, Driving, Sylhet, Bangladesh

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