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Sonargaon's Deserted City - Panam Nagar

Located about a half a kilometer away from the Sonargaon Folk Art Museum, Panam Nagar is well worth a visit when exploring this region of Bangladesh. Dating back to the late-13th century when the city was the focal point of t... read more

Tajhat Palace in Rangpur

Located in the Rangpur Division in northern Bangladesh, the city of Rangpur has a number of interesting attractions visitors may want to add to their touring itineraries. These include the Tajhat Palace, the Town Hall, the Ra... read more

Organic Farming Trends in Bangladesh

Accounts of habitat destruction and misuse of natural resources are all too common in Bangladesh, and indeed in other parts of the world, so it is especially interesting to discover that more than 300,000 families in Banglade... read more

Bangladeshi Crafts: Nakshi Pakha

The ancient craft of decorative fan-making, known as Nakshi Pakha, is still practiced in many areas of Bangladesh today, both for practical and decorative purposes. Different natural materials are used in making the basic fra... read more

Rhesus Macaques: Fascinating Old World Monkeys

Rhesus macaques, more often referred to as Rhesus monkeys and also known as Nazuri monkeys, have the widest geographical distribution of any non-human primate and are found in a broad range of habitats in Bangladesh, as well ... read more

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