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Solar Energy Empowers Rural Bangladesh

A recent report by the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) revealed that in the past decade the number of solar energy systems in Bangladesh climbed from around 25,000 to 2.8 million. This number is set to rise as th... read more

Kabadi: The National Game of Bangladesh

As the National Game of Bangladesh, Kabadi is enjoyed by thousands of players, and even more spectators, around the country. Played by two competing teams, Kabadi is an outdoor activity played on a rectangular court of 12.5 by... read more

Sericulture in Bangladesh

While the textile industry produces an amazing array of artificial, natural and blended fabrics, many would agree that nothing beats the luxurious texture of pure silk, a product with a long history that remains popular today.... read more

Traditional Metal Craft in Dhamrai

Visitors to the vibrant city of Dhaka may want to consider spending some time exploring the nearby upazilla of Dhamrai, home to artisans who continue the age-old traditions of metal craft that have been passed down through gen... read more

History and Culture in Rajshahi

Located on the northern banks of the Padma River in western Bangladesh, Rajshahi is one of the country's seven metropolitan cities and serves as the divisional headquarters of the Rajshahi Division. Established in 1700, the c... read more

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