Nineteenth century Mosque in Dhaka, Attractions, Bangladesh

It has been estimated that the original building of the Star Mosque in Dhaka, was done in the early nineteenth century, as it was commissioned by Mirza Golam Pir, who died in the year 1860. Over the centuries, additions have been made, but one feature has remained consistent, and it the blue star motifs that are found on the domes of the mosque and on the tiles on the interior of the building, from which the mosque derived its name. The Star Mosque is beautifully preserved, and even though additions and renovations of the mosque have been done, most of the original structure still stands, making the mosque a noteworthy attraction in Dhaka city.

At the time of its construction, the Star Mosque was designed and built with three domes, which were placed over the prayer room. The three arched doorways on the southern side of the mosque are the original entrances. Alijan Bepari, a local Bangladesh businessman, donated funds to the mosque, which saw to it that a new verandah was added to the mosque, which remained within the parameters of the original designs, and funded the resurfacing of the mosque. The Star Mosque again received structural attention in 1987, but this time, some of the original structure was demolished to make way for two more domes to be added and for the mosque feature five arched entrances. The reconstruction and renovations have in no way taken away any of the beauty of the Star Mosque, but has managed to preserve this historical treasure in pristine condition. It is definitely an attraction worth exploring.

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