Beautiful example of Terracotta Architecture, Attractions, Bangladesh

The magnificent Kantaji Temple must have been a sight to behold just after its construction. Before the massive 1897 earthquake, nine bold spires adorned the temple, but looking at the temple today, one can only imagine the beauty that this terracotta wonder once displayed. Located in the town of Dinajpur, the Kantaji Temple is a significant historical attraction in Bangladesh and a religious monument to the medieval Hindu practitioners of the country. Construction on the Kantaji Temple took place from 1722 CE to 1752 CE and is one of the most magnificent examples of terracotta architecture, to be found in Bangladesh.

The remaining parts of the temple is located within a court and covers an area of fifty two square feet. Its corrugated tin roof protects it from the elements and the interior of this three storey building gives a good indication of its former elegance and breathtaking décor. On the ground and first floors of the temple, visitors will notice square cells in all the corners. These were built into the temple as support to the corner towers. The first two floors also have multiple arched entrances in contrast to the second floor that only features three doorways. Narrow staircases connect the various floors and the temple also has a prayer hall on the ground floor, and a sanctuary at the top of the structure. What remains of the Kantaji Temple is worth the visit and a recommended attraction when traveling through the diverse and fascinating country of Bangladesh.

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