The Bangladesh Pop Idol

As in so many other countries around the world, Bangladesh as been caught
in the grip of Pop Idol mania. It is the first time that Bangladesh has
screened their version of American Idol, and a very talented Nolok Babu has
the nation in celebration at his proposed victory on 22 December 2006.

It is not only the show that has kept viewers glued to their television screens,
since the launch of the program, but the gripping story of Nolok Babu, that
has every Bangladeshi resident voting for him. With no professional
training, Nolok has enchanted viewers with every episode, and his natural
talent has even heard Partha Barua, a Bangladeshi rock star, sing his
praises and predict that first prize will go to Nolok.

Nolok Babu’s story begins in Jamalpur, where he was born into an
extremely poor family. He was forced to sing on the trains for money, and
friends confirmed that he was so talented that his singing would earn him
approximately 80 taka ($1.2 dollars) for a day’s work. Babu was discovered
by Closeup1, while they were scouting for local talent. Out of 44 000
entrants, Nolok Babu now has his eye on the one million taka prize money,
and a new car!