National Museum of Science and Technology in Bangladesh

The National Museum of Science and Technology in Dhaka, Bangladesh, was established in 1966 by the government of Pakistan. It was first based in the Dhaka Public Library building, after which the museum moved a number of times before it was established in its permanent home in 1981.

The museum aims to preserve the innovative work of local scientists while encouraging the younger generation of scientists to explore the endless possibilities that their scientific knowledge opens up to them. Displays are arranged to show the rapid advancement of science and technology throughout humankind’s existence. Regardless of their background, age or education level, citizens of Bangladesh are encouraged to visit the National Museum of Science and Technology to increase their knowledge and broaden their outlook, with the focus on the beneficial effect that the advancement of science and technology has on the world.

The National Museum of Science and Technology in Bangladesh is divided into three categories: Technology, Biological Science and Physical Science. With the emphasis on education, the museum has galleries with static and working exhibits, as well as models, diagrams, charts and animated posters. The exhibits provide detailed information concerning experiments and inventions in a number of fields including electricity, light, heat, magnetism, communication, sound, as well as motion, force and energy.

Displays of the various rocks and minerals highlight some of the countless wonders of planet Earth. A pictorial record of the history and advances made in space travel, leading up to the first moon landing and beyond, gives visitors the opportunity to reflect on how extraordinarily vast the universe is and how much more there is still to discover. A fascinating diorama of dinosaurs brings to mind the unanswered question of what caused these prehistoric creatures to become extinct. A pictorial representation of the various sea creatures that live at different depths of the ocean gives visitors insight into the incredible diversity of life beneath the waves.

The National Museum of Science & Technology plays an essential role in organizing National Science Week which is sponsored by the Ministry of Science and Technology. This offers individuals and groups from different schools, colleges and science clubs the opportunity to display models and projects with the possibility of receiving a prize. National Science Week has proven to be very successful in fueling the imaginations of science enthusiasts, resulting in some innovative projects.

The library at the museum is filled with books and journals on a variety of subjects that are of interest to scientifically-minded individuals. It is also publishes “Nabin Biggani”, a popular quarterly science magazine specifically designed to encourage young people to enjoy the marvels of science.

Tourists who travel to Bangladesh should make a point of visiting Dhaka and join the many locals who enjoy exploring the National Museum of Science and Technology.