EMK Center: Promoting Public Service and the Arts

Located in the Dhaka suburb of Dhanmondi, the Edward M. Kennedy Center for Public Service and Arts is dedicated to inspiring, engaging and empowering citizens of all ages to uplift themselves and their communities. Acknowledging the potential of individuals to make changes, the EMK Center encourages young people to explore their talents and the opportunities available to them.

As a strong supporter of visual and performing artists in various fields, the EMK Center regularly hosts notable local and international artists, while providing a platform for emerging talents. The EMK Center collaborates with the American Center of the US Embassy in Dhaka to co-host bands and troupes from the United States to perform concerts and conduct workshops at the center. An exciting program of concerts, dance recitals, performances, theater, pop-up galleries and curated shows make the Center a vibrant hub of culture in Dhaka.

The EMK Center also encourages entrepreneurship development among the youth entering the job market each year. Research in various countries reveals that small and medium sized enterprises play an essential role in economic development and Bangladesh has significant untapped potential in various market sectors. The EMK Center aims to assist students in formulating new business ideas through startup events, with the hope that they will become established business entities.

Recognizing that public service, either as a career choice or through volunteerism, has the potential to transform communities, the EMK Center supports organizations and individuals willing to dedicate time and effort to engage Bangladeshi youth in positive change. This policy is in line with the life and goals of US Senator Edward M Kennedy who was dedicated to serving others and showed his compassion for Bangladeshis through their struggle for independence. Young people are invited to volunteer at the EMK Center where they can contribute to community development through constructive social service.