Luxury in the Midst of Friendship

Bangladesh travel is always a matter of joy, because whether it is business or pleasure which takes you to this verdant country, the friendly nature of the local people is always something to which you look forward. The bustling city of Dhaka is the capital, and though Chittagong also has an international airport, it is in the capital city where most people have appointments and business.

A comfortable hotel is always a plus when one travels to a foreign country, and a central location helps visitors make most of their time. That is why the Radisson in Dhaka is such a welcome retreat for people with hectic schedules in the city. “I could not believe that a place like Dhaka would have such a hotel! It is by far one of the best hotels in the subcontinent“. This statement is typical of the delighted refrain of guests who stay at the modern and convenient Radisson property in Dhaka.

Important commercial offices are mostly just minutes from the Radisson, so commuting time is kept to a minimum, unless you wish to travel to the countryside or get a feeling for the streets. A high speed Internet connection at the hotel keeps you in touch with your office and folks at home, leaving you free to go about your day’s business with enthusiasm.

More than 5 acres of immaculate lawns, the swimming pool, tennis courts, and a fitness center set the tone for an evening of rejuvenation and sublime dining. The hotel has arrangements with golf courses in the city, for those who cannot do without playing a few holes! The Radisson can switch back and forth from business to pleasure in a flash! The Radisson Water Garden, while entirely in line with the top international standards of this famous chain, has its own Bangladeshi refrain of courtesy and service.

The hotel has a broad array of dining choices with well stocked bars and live entertainment. You are sure to delight your palate at the hotel, whether you opt for standard international fare, or decide to sample the local cuisine.

The hotel rooms are well appointed and just right for a perfect night’s rest. The only difficult part may be when you have to leave, for it always tempting to stay on for some time in this lap of luxury, and amongst the friendly staff. The hotel is well equipped for business and social events, and being a Radisson, gives you a generous number of loyalty points for every night and meal.